Ryan Provencher

Ryan Provencher, TACFIT Firefighter Division

My passion for physical fitness began at a young age.  I Idolized action heroes such as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I started lifting weights with my dad in our garage at age 13, and I embraced the bodybuilding mentality for the next 20 years. I was able to achieve great gains in strength and size, but unfortunately for me, these attributes did not translate into improved athleticism. At that time, my fitness level was only measured by the amount of weight that I could bench press.

Finding my first calling – firefighting
I joined the Fire Service in 1993. I loved team sports growing up and was drawn to the “process of preparation” required to be successful in athletics, academics, and overcoming other challenges…
I had always looked for opportunities to help people, but wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do as a career. I was working toward a degree in Physical Education when a family friend encouraged me to volunteer with his Fire Department where he served as a Captain. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had found my true calling. I secured my dream job as a professional firefighter in 1996, and I was able to use my educational background in Exercise Science as a Fire Department Peer Fitness Trainer as well. It really was a perfect fit for me.

What physical revitalization really feels like
When I reached my 30s, I developed a number of joint problems. I had already undergone five surgeries, and I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips at age 35. I had tremendous limitations in my mobility and I was in pain most of the time. My career as a firefighter was in jeopardy and I recognized the need for a more comprehensive fitness program.

In 2005, I had the good fortune of meeting Scott Sonnon. He introduced me to TACFIT and really took me under his wing as I committed to learning all that I could about the TACFIT System. My whole outlook on fitness changed and I’ve been living the “TACFIT Lifestyle” ever since.

Melding TACFIT specifically to firefighting
I currently serve as the Training Division Chief, Safety Officer, and Exercise Specialist/Fitness Coordinator in my fire department, and have had the pleasure of spearheading the meld of TACFIT’s protocols into what firefighters specifically need, not only in their high-demand jobs, but in their lives.

This system has prepared me for the many challenges I have faced in my life, on and off duty. I am highly motivated to “pay it forward” and I can’t wait to hear how TACFIT helps you to live your best life.

Ryan has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a Minor in Nutrition from Washington State University, and he worked as a Fitness Professional in Corporate Fitness before beginning his Fire Service career. Ryan has served as a Volunteer Firefighter, Firefighter/EMT, Paramedic, and Company Officer. He is currently working as the Training Division Chief, Safety Officer, and Health Fitness Coordinator in his department. Ryan began his TACFIT journey in 2005 and is now the TACFIT Firefighter Division Chief.

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