Alaina Sawaya

Alaina Sawaya, TACFIT Firefighter Division

I am Alaina Sawaya – highly competitive, passionate and perpetually looking for ways to grow my capabilities. I have an insatiable drive to live fully; to be faster, stronger, smarter, healthier, more resilient and more deeply connected with the people I love.

Not just a fitness shift… a paradigm shift
Pursuing high standards led me to discovering TACFIT, where I met Scott Sonnon, the founder of TACFIT. The more I studied his work and shadowed his techniques, the more I discovered not just a confluence of radically intelligent training principles, but the source of a paradigm shift in my way of thinking.

Over the years I have failed hard. And failure has taught me to become more intentional in my habits and more closely aligned with my values. I have learned to question WHY I practice what I practice as a dynamic and ever-evolving process of enhancing my quality of life.

From TACFIT Team Leader to Fire Academy
During my 8-year journey of operating my own private training studio and coaching athletes in the TACFIT principles, I trained and tested to become one of a few female TACFIT Team Leaders, worldwide. The physical and mental commitment to this training exercise spurred yet another desire in me and, in a matter of months, I was competing in a rigorous fire academy. Just recently, I was invited into the fellowship of Firefighters.

When the stress is real…
I’m now working for a very progressive fire department. They prioritize health, fitness and safety in a very tangible way. Being a first responder and maintaining my health has required me to deploy my full arsenal of resilience-based fitness tools under extreme conditions. The stress is real, and the TACFIT principles I practice have become even more vital with each shift.I believe my training and education in TACFIT has fortified a mindset to overcome major injuries and prepare effectively for an extremely demanding career. I am inspired to bring what I’ve learned from this past decade to a new industry, and to a fitness world that is primed for a more intelligent way to train.

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