Firefighter health and fitness are becoming a top priority in the Fire Service today. Nearly 50% of firefighters dying in the line of duty are succumbing to a cardiac event. Firefighter suicides are on the rise, and firefighters are being diagnosed with cancer at an alarming rate. Thousands of firefighters in the U.S. are injured on the job each year costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Many firefighters struggle with obesity, poor physical fitness, anxiety, depression, and other ailments. Often these health issues can be traced back to chronic sleep deprivation, post-traumatic stress, hypervigilance, and other maladies that are directly related to the firefighter occupation.

Our mission at TACFIT Firefighter is to improve occupational performance and response readiness for firefighters while reducing the risk of injury, sudden cardiac death, suicide, and potential long-term debilitative diseases, including cancer. See more details, TACFIT Firefighter Workouts.

We believe that the risk of injury and disease related death may be reduced through varied-intensity physical training, balanced nutrition, proactive stress management, adequate sleep/recovery, and mindful lifestyle choices.

At TACFIT Firefighter, we are uniquely qualified to conduct a thorough needs assessment for the firefighter demographic, and we have the experiential knowledge to provide intelligent programming to meet these specific needs through our 20-year globally known TACFIT systems and protocols.

The TACFIT Difference

The TACFIT (Tactical Fitness) System is widely regarded as the “World’s Smartest Workout.” TACFIT was founded by Scott Sonnon more than 25 years ago and is now in practice in more than 75 countries. TACFIT was developed specifically for Tactical Operators (Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, etc.) to help mitigate occupational stress more effectively.

TACFIT Programs condition individuals to recognize and better control the physiological response to stress in a controlled environment. The strategies applied to physical exercise are used to better manage all forms of physical, mental, and emotional stress experienced in the line of duty.

This System is used by individuals and organizations around the world, with TACFIT Firefighter programs more recently evolving to provide specific and comprehensive physical training for firefighters everywhere.

TACFIT is based on a holistic approach to physical training and follows a very specific fitness value hierarchy. These values in order of importance are Health, Mobility, Function, Attributes, and Physique. It is an integrated system of guidelines and tools that help you rapidly recover from high intensity/high stress experiences.


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