TACFIT Firefighter

Exclusively designed for the way firefighters live and work

There aren’t many activities more mentally and physically demanding than fighting a working fire. Advancing hose, crawling through a dark, smoke-filled building, climbing stairs and ladders and pulling ceiling are all common firefighting tasks AND done in full gear and SCBA in a superheated environment.

At TACFIT Firefighter, we improve occupational performance and response readiness for firefighters while reducing the risk of injury, sudden cardiac death, suicide and potential long-term debilitative diseases, including cancer. We train firefighters with the intention of diminishing risk of injury and disease-related death through:

  • Varied Intensity Firefighter Physical Training
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Proactive Stress Management
  • Mindful Lifestyle Choices
  • Increased Strength & Power
  • Improved Metabolic Conditioning
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Better Mobility and Flexibility
  • Alleviation of Pain/Chronic Pain
  • Improved Cardiac Health

In The Gym

In The Field

In The Gym

In The Field

Departments & Agencies: We’re your NFPA 1583 solution

TACFIT FIREFIGHTER implements, fully facilitates
and supports a health-related fitness program as
outlined in NFPA 1583 using the TACFIT System.

What is TACFIT?

The TACFIT (Tactical Fitness) System is widely regarded as the “World’s Smartest Workout”. TACFIT was founded by Scott Sonnon more than 25 years ago and is now in practice in more than 75 countries. TACFIT was developed specifically for Tactical Operators (Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, etc.) to help mitigate occupational stress more effectively. TACFIT Programs condition individuals to recognize and better control the physiological response to stress in a controlled environment.

The strategies applied to physical exercise are used to better manage all forms of physical, mental, and emotional stress experienced in the line of duty. This System is used by individuals and organizations around the world, with TACFIT Firefighter programs more recently evolving to provide absolute, “360-specific” training for firefighters everywhere.




The Legendary TACFIT Clubbell

The Ancient Tool For Modern Fitness

Clubbells are unique in that they facilitate far beyond just muscle growth and strength to include painless mobility, agility, flexibility, stamina, endurance, cardio-vascular health, all these things create high quality of life and service to our family and community… which is why they continue to gain the attention of athletes, celebrities, movement specialists and fitness enthusiasts alike.
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