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The Virtue of Mobility

“After my neck injury and feeling that I was going to be handicapped at 25, when you are suppose to be in your prime – that was very humbling. Going through the mobility drills was very difficult. I would break out in a sweat just doing elbow rotations because the pain was so intense.”

– Aaron Cruz, TACFIT Team Leader

Clubbell Mobility 101

Inspired by Master Coach Scott Sonnon’s revolutionary Intu-flow program, Clubbell Mobility 101 is a combination of TACFIT strength and mobility training with 2 lightweight Clubbells (5lbs or less each). The sophisticated movement patterns of this program are designed to challenge your nervous system, strengthen joints and fascia, restore full ranges of motion, and prevent injury.

The versatility of a lightweight Clubbell allows you to easily perform tri-planar movements, without excessive stress on your joints.

Practicing these techniques will not only help you build functional strength but also help you transition to more advanced Clubbell movements.

This program will provide you a blueprint on how to improve your quality of life with movement.


  • Restore your body’s natural ability to move freely without pain
  • Low-intensity for active recovery
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhance posture and balance

101 Series: TrainatHome

We’re adapting as the world is evolving and that’s why we created the 101 Series to give you easy access to health-first fitness and training programs that teach movement skill to all fitness levels. Enjoy on-demand workouts, cutting-edge programs, covering human optimization with our TACFIT® 101 programs.


“Mobility practice is more important for not only athletic performance but for anti-aging.”

– Scott Sonnon

Human Optimization


Injury Prevention

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“Don’t be fooled by the ‘light’ weight. I had my reservations about getting a good workout using lightweight Clubbells. The proper technique and versatile uses of the Clubbell taught by Coach Cruz made it both challenging and rewarding in my performance.”

– Carlos Vega

“The benefits of Clubbell training with coach Aaron Cruz are plenty! For me personally, it has increased my strength, posture, range of motion, spacial awareness, but most importantly, my confidence.”

– Roxy Donat

“Since starting with Alta Perfmance here in Monterey Ca. I have, with the guidance of Aaron Cruz and his team of coaches crushed so many of my fitness goals. I began using Clubbells during my first physical challenge. The versatility of these tools and the program have helped me build core strengths, stability, and a stringer mind/muscle connection. Most recently we (Alta Squad) have been using light weight clubbells to enhance the TACFIT training we have been building on. As a Firefighter TACFIT has helped me to increase my output, gain flexibility, and improve my overall health and wellness. The Clubbell program has helped me (after my back injury) to keep my core strong and my body injury free.”

– Vince Lombardi

“I recently purchased a pair of 5 lbs. Clubbells. I have found the light Clubbells to be an effective tool. The Clubbells have allowed me to utilize slower movements throughout my workout, challenge muscles, while providing a mental challenge. This in turn has created an awareness of correct body mechanics. I am excited and looking forward to continuing workouts with Clubbells!”

– Delna Felton

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What You Get – The Program


  • 19 Videos:
    • 10 Instructional videos
    • 7 Programing videos
    • 1 Warm-up
    • 1 Cooldown
  • 1 PDF guide with exercises and training schedule with exercises and training schedule

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Clubbell Mobility 101


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