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TACFIT®’s expertly-designed Bodyweight 101 workout requires just one piece
of equipment: your body weight. It’s the perfect program to do from home.

Exercise Without Equipment

In these tumultuous times, many of us are confined inside, but that doesn’t mean we have to set our fitness aside!

Perhaps you’re used to your training circuit at the gym, swimming laps in a public pool, doing Pilates on a reformer, or going to a spin class to stay in shape. Now, with a global pandemic changing nearly everything about your lifestyle, you may find yourself sitting on the couch, binging television shows, shoveling chips into your mouth, and fretting over the future. It can be especially tough to motivate yourself to work out if you don’t have any exercise equipment – perhaps this has even become an excuse to just watch one more show, eat one more chip, or spend one more day on your couch.

While it’s definitely tempting to let your fitness goals go during this chaos, you’ll probably feel better if you get up, move your body, and build some muscle. After all, you’ve likely never had more free time to devote to your fitness. But what are you supposed to do without any weights, bands, treadmills, or other tools? You can’t even get toilet paper or disinfectant, so how are you supposed to get athletic gear?

Fortunately, you already have the only thing you really need to get a great workout: your body weight. That’s right – with the right regimen, you can tone your whole body without any equipment.

You will need:

  • Our Bodyweight 101 workout program and the TACFIT® timer app.
  • The desire to stay fit and happy during this strange time.
  • 20 minutes (so, one half of one episode of that show you’ve been binging).

You won’t need:

  • ANY equipment!
  • A “no pain, no gain” attitude. That’s not what Bodyweight 101 is about.

What is Bodyweight 101?

Bodyweight 101 is a 20-minute exercise program. It uses fundamental principles from Scott
Sonnon’s TACFIT® System, an expertly-designed, holistic fitness system that focuses on:

  • Efficiency, so you can get the greatest gains in the shortest time
  • Practical, safe, pain-free movement based on proper bodily alignment
  • Mindfulness, to keep you calm, focused, and well
  • Controlled breathing
  • Strength, not just looks
  • Increased mobility, flexibility, stamina, and agility
  • Appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs

Since it’s based on in-depth, holistic principles and investigations, TACFIT® programs have been called the “World’s Smartest Workout.” While some TACFIT® workouts require basic equipment like kettlebells, pull-up bars, or sandbags, the Bodyweight 101 program does not.

The Bodyweight 101 exercise regimen involves a series of high-volume, low-impact drills that target your whole body: legs, hips, shoulders, and more. The TACFIT® timer will help you do your exercises at the right speed and rhythm, while the Bodyweight 101 instructional (online or offline)training will help you learn the proper form. Once you understand the exercises, you’ll follow an exact, daily program, doing the right number of repetitions for each exercise in the right order on the right day. If you’re too sore, tired, or busy to do a day of Bodyweight 101, simply take that day off and resume the program the next day.

Why You Need to Work Out During a Pandemic

It may seem that during this unprecedented, challenging time, working out should be the last of your priorities. However, if you’re stuck inside to stay safer at home and avoid contracting the novel coronavirus, it can actually be extremely worthwhile to make time for fitness.

This is undoubtedly an upsetting moment in history. It’s understandable that you might feel anxious, depressed, worried, and uneasy. While it might be tough at first, taking charge of your physical health and moving your body can help you overcome these feelings and enjoy your life more during these weeks and months.

Harvard Health recently reported that “exercise can boost mood,” citing a study that found “running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression.” As the Harvard experts put it, “just getting off the couch and moving for a little while can help. Ideally, to prevent depression you should do at least 15 minutes a day of higher-intensity exercise…or at least an hour of lower-intensity exercise.” With our 20-minute Bodyweight 101 workout, you could help keep both your mind and body feeling better.

In addition, working out can help strengthen your immune system. This may make you less susceptible to illness or help your body better fight off a virus if you do get sick. The doctors at Harvard note that “exercise can contribute to general good health and therefore a healthy immune system. It may contribute even more directly by promoting good circulation, which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely and do their job efficiently.”

Doing Bodyweight 101 can help you feel more in charge of your health, mood, and schedule. With so much out of our control during this pandemic, it’s good to focus on what you have control over.

As TACFIT® CEO Alberto Crane recently said, “I just have to keep focusing on what I can do. I’m just going to keep doing my best. When the going gets tough, the tough get going” and “we have to stay positive in this situation.” Of the pandemic uncertainty, he commented, “we don’t know what is going to happen, but we do know what will happen if we don’t move. We have to keep our minds and bodies strong.” You can stay strong with Bodyweight 101.

The Power of Painless Gains

Many fitness programs will encourage you to live by the motto, “no pain, no gain.” At TACFIT®, we don’t subscribe to that philosophy in the slightest. We want you to stay active, strengthen your body, and quiet your mind.

We won’t urge you to push yourself too far or suggest that you aren’t doing well enough if you need a moment to catch up. You don’t have to spend two hours huffing and puffing on the treadmill, lift hundred-pound weights, or contort yourself into uncomfortable positions. We want you to safely, effectively work out without hurting yourself or losing track of your breathing.

Ideally, you’ll do 20 minutes of Bodyweight 101 every day for two weeks, but if you need a day off, that’s fine. What matters is that you go back to the program the next day and continue prioritizing your fitness.

You have daily discomfort to worry about during this pandemic. Bodyweight 101 is your chance to still your thoughts while moving your body and using your own body weight to enhance your physical fitness.


Your coach for this program is TACFIT® Team Leader Eric “Esik” Melland. He’s a professional musician who left that industry due to the unhealthy lifestyle associated with it. Esik had a chance meeting with a family friend, Aaron Cruz (TACFIT® team Leader) who introduced him to TACFIT®.

Esik immediately loved the program and saw the true value of what Scott had created. By meditating through a hectic lifestyle of working, training, filming, and editing as a fitness instructor for TACFIT®, Esik became, in his words, “bulletproof.” He had already learned resilience from his single mother, but TACFIT® helped him take his mindset to the next level.

From getting involved with TACFIT® over a decade ago, he says, “I learned how to resist temptation, how to understand people, and how not to get stuck. It showed me how to stay disciplined.” Esik can help you attain the same level of discipline with Bodyweight 101.

When we asked Esik what advice he would give to someone who’s considering starting TACFIT®, he said, “don’t get intimidated, be patient with yourself, and honor everything you do. If you don’t honor yourself, that means you won’t put in the work. Stay dedicated and disciplined.”

Through Bodyweight 101, Esik can help you develop a healthier body, lifestyle, and mindset. It’s time to honor yourself and your goals.

Who’s behind the principles of
TACFIT®’s Bodyweight 101?

The man behind TACFIT® is Scott Sonnon. When it comes to exercise, Scott knows more than a thing or two. He’s a renowned martial arts champion in myriad disciplines. He’s coached multiple USA national teams in martial arts. Black Belt Magazine called him one of the most influential martial artists of the 21st century.

How did Scott become such a skilled fitness professional? He trained for six years with the former Soviet Union Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and Special Operations Unit (Spetsnaz) Physical Conditioning and Performance Enhancement Specialists at the RETAL (Physical Skill Consultant Scientific & Practical Training) Center.

Even more impressively, Scott was one of a handful of individuals outside the former Soviet Union to earn the coveted “Master of Sport” title – the highest athletic distinction recognized in that nation.

  • The United States Marshals Service Training Academy
  • US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
  • State and Local Law Enforcement Symposium (SLLETS)
  • US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)
  • US Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center
  • Israeli Defense Force LOTAR Counter-Terrorism School
  • The Wingate Institute
  • The Italian Gruppo Intervento Speciale GIS Special Forces
  • And the Italian 1st Regiment Carabinieri Tuscania

Scott has spent the last 20 years developing the TACFIT® system that you can use today. Even from your own home, without any equipment other than your own body weight, you can access and benefit from Scott’s mastery of fitness.

Get Bodyweight 101 today!


The Tacfit Bodyweight 101 Program came along at the perfect time for those of us in the service. While many military members already follow the Tacfit26 and circular Strength Training programs, Bodyweight 101 breaks down those programs more complex movements, into their most fundamental aspect. This allows the practitioner to incorporate the correct movement patterns and workout discipline into their lives before moving on to more advanced programs.

In my case, these workouts allowed not only myself, but members of my current unit of assignment to continue working out in the safety of our homes and barracks. This program provided us with easy to follow and EFECTIVE workouts that ensure we not only retain our fitness level, but in many cases has improved it. In my case I have increased the repetitions I can correctly performed per exercise, it has helped me to lose weight, and has brought about visible changes in leg and arm muscle definition.

 Tacfit’s programs helped me to heal my body following multiple combat deployments. Bodyweight 101 is an awesome tool that has allowed me to open the door to Tacfit’s intelligent movement and health systems, for the next generation of military professionals.

Well Done Gentlemen


Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re very confident in this product, and especially in uncertain times, we want you to feel confident, too. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on Bodyweight 101.

You can try it for 30 days, and if you don’t like it for any reason whatsoever, just send us an email and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

This means you could use Bodyweight 101 every day for 29 days, and on the 29th day, email us and tell us it wasn’t for you, and we’ll give you a full refund.

The bottom line is that we want you to try this system because we believe in it. We believe it can help you stay fit, calm, and happy even during the toughest of times. If you ultimately don’t feel the same way, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny you paid for it.

Here’s What You Get – The Program

Here’s what is included:

  • 18 videos –
    • 9 Instructional Videos
    • 7 Programming Your Workout Videos
    • 1 Warm-Up Video
    • 1 Cooldown Video
  • 1 Instructional PDF Guide with exercises and training schedule

Total Download: 585MB
Largest Video File: 55MB
PDF File Size: 282KB

* The above is a symbolic depiction of the product’s content.
For illustration purposes only. The complete product’s content comes in a digital/downloadable format.


Bodyweight 101


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this program. Should you decide that Bodyweight 101 isn’t the right fit for you, you can return your training program after nearly a full month of use and you won’t need to purchase any equipment. More importantly, by purchasing Bodyweight 101, you’re making a crucial decision not to let this pandemic get you down. You’re choosing to put your mental and physical well-being first.

Click the button below to get instant Bodyweight 101 right now. You can start your first workout in just a few minutes! We’re rooting for you.

Get Bodyweight 101 today!

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